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20,003 and counting….

Gosh…I just checked in this morning to see that my total views has just reached breached 20 thousand! Amazing. Thanks to everyone that’s come along, and I’ll try to get more new stuff on here soon!


Jekyll Episode 4 dissapointment


I was *really* disappointed in the fourth episode of Jekyll screened last night on the BBC. For starters there wasn’t much Hyde, which didn’t help, but it was the insertion of back-story information at this stage seemed to be entirely pointless. The plot I’d enjoyed for the first three was effectively stalled, and with the exception of one revelation, the undetermined origin of Jekyll, it contributed nothing.
I presume this is a six part series, so they’ve two more to get things back on track. But this was the low point for me, and was reminiscent of those end of season episodes American shows have when they’ve run out of money and make one almost entirely of flash-backs.


Nikon AF-S VR 70-300 – is brill!

Nikon AF-S VR 70-300My lens arrived! Not in time to go to London, but it arrived.
I went out in the middle of the day and shot some wildlife (not literally…) to get some practice. None of the results are amazing, but I’m still getting used to the VR, among other things. But I can see the potential, and it’s enormous.
What I really need to do is get myself to an airshow…I’ve decided. When I’ve taken something genuinely wow, I’ll post it up.


I’m not a patient person

Yesterday I ordered a new Lens for my Nikon SLR on 24 hour delivery, but it hasn’t appeared yet!
My concern is that it won’t arrive till next week, which will entirely stuff my plans to take it to London this weekend and shoot the Red Bull Air Race. I’ll be annoyed if that happens.

Why do companies offer 24 hour delivery, charge you for it and then not send it? Grrr….


It’s apparently on it’s way to  me, due to be delivered today…by Royal Mail…that’s the good news.
The bad news is that Royal Mail are currently having a 24 hours strike!