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RIAA joins the real world, briefly

A few people are carrying this story, but I couldn’t resist commenting. The Recording Industry vs The People reports that their latest attempts to scare young children and browbeat the elderly has run aground, big time. For a few years the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) has been running this scam where it sends people a letter saying they’ve infringed a copyright of some Rap Artist, and if they don’t want to go to jail they better stump up a wad of cash. Many do, even those that complain they don’t have Internet access or are deaf through old age. Well, it’s taken a while but it looks like the Judiciary has finally cottoned on to the RIAA and their alternative thinking on the whole crime and punishment deal. Judge Rudi Brewster put the brakes on the Interscope v. Rodriguez case by asking them to actually back up their claims with evidence, which wasn’t what the RIAA thought it needed. That’s a shock for them, having to prove the assertions they’ve made. Doing so could make bringing all the cases they want uneconomic, and the thousands of similar actions they’ve planned are now effectively on hold. That also assumes that there is evidence, and it’s not some horrible mistake, which when the RIAA has been tested in court previously seems often the case.
I wish the people in the Recording Industry would wake up, realise the negative PR the RIAA is generating for them and shut them down. But then if they go on like this they’ll dig themselves a legal hole they’ve never get out of anyway!


Hitachi 1TB…big boys toys

It’s not often that I’m in awe of computer kit these days, but today Hitachi very kindly sent me once of the their new 7K1000 drives. This baby has 1TB!!!
It’s easy to dismiss stuff like this and just say it’s a bit bigger than the 750GB Western Digital I reviews a while back. True it’s entirely arbitary amount of data, like any other size, but an entire terabyte on a single drive, numbs the mind a little.
Let me put that in a little perspective. The first hard drive I owned was the 30Mb MegaStore for the Atari ST. This drive is a thousand gigabytes or a million megabytes, which is a mere 33,000 times bigger! I’m not sure how many MegaStore’s Atari sold in the UK, but I think I could hold more capacity in one hand in these drives than they pushed in all the MegaStores. Assuming the rate of growth is proportional, which it isn’t, in 2027 we’ll have 20,000 or 40,000TB drives. Or, more HD movies than it’s possible to watch in lifetime. Bring it on!

Hitachi 1TB


4 billion reasons why Hollywood is full of it

For the first time in history US box office takings for this summer have exceeded $4bn (£1.98bn). Yet, with more people going to the movies, and spending more money doing so what is Hollywood yacking about? Piracy! Please…give it a rest guys. Yes your movies are pirated, they’ve been pirated since people first made movies. When I went to film school I met plenty of people who had a small collection of their favourite films as 16mm (and even 35mm) prints. Ok, so with the VCR and now digital distribution systems it’s easier and possibly more prolific, but the interest in films is greater and they make money from more than just the Cinema release.
If the film industry had it’s way the VCR would have been banned and they’d be billions out of pocket. As a teenager I remember when Doctor No. was first shown on TV, more than 10 years after it was on the cinema, maybe closer to 15, is that how they’d like things to be? No, they’re too hooked into the money they get from sales DVD and TV rights now to put the clock back.
If you give people a reason to go to the cinema rather than whining about Piracy they’ll go, irrespective of if it’s free to download. There are at least three really good films to see this summer, Bourne Ultimatum being the best, and the number of people who’ve been to see it in the US, and here in the UK, support the view that a quality product is supported by a viewing audience, irrespective.
Perhaps if those idiots wearing the night vision goggles looking for someone with a bionic eye threw out the moron who made mobile phone calls through the last 20 minutes of the Matrix, or those two 10 year old girls who giggled at nothing throughout Return of the King, I’d be more impressed. With HD quality movies now available legally the cinema is going to show a natural decline unless it’s starts to offer a better experience overall, or is that already loaded as another thing to blame on Piracy?
Frankly I think the statistics and outrage that comes out of the film industry in respect of Piracy is as unbelievable as some of their plots, and even less enjoyable.


More Leaky TV

I mentioned the other day that in the past week a whole slew of TV show pilots and new season episodes had surfaced on the BitTorrent P2P system. Now even more have appeared, including the Pilots for The Bionic Woman, Damages, ‘Chuck’, and Aliens in America. I might have missed some, but that pretty much covers the new drama TV for the American fall season. All in the space of a single week.

Have they given all the TV stations DVD copies? Or is this guerilla marketing? Whatever the answer, it’s clearly not an isolated exercise.

Bionic Women


Pushing Daisies…up…

This sounds like a very cool show…I want to see this!

Pushing Daisies


Leaky TV

As I’ve been writing about TV shows on here, and Den of Geek. In general I’ve been talking about those that are actually on TV, and people are watching. But at Den we’ve been inundated with reviews of TV shows that aren’t actually on the TV, and have been leaked onto the Internet.

In the last weeks we’ve seen these appear online, all of which are months away from their official first screenings.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles PILOT
Pushing Daisies PILOT
Californication PILOT
Weeds S03E01, S03E02.
Dexter S02E01, .S02E02
Brotherhood.S02E01, S02E02

If this had been one or two odd episodes leaked by someone in the production I’d understand. But the numbers of shows that this is happening with does make me think something else is going on here. While I can’t imagine any of these production companies would admit leaking their work, I suspect that some of these releases are marketing led exercises, aimed at hyping the show ahead of it’s run. If I’m wrong then almost every major US TV show seems to have it’s own resident pirate, ready to get their shows out to the downloading public as soon as they can!
Anyone out there got any first hand experience of what’s actually happening here?


New Terminator TV show now Leaked!

Things are getting weird out there in TV land, now they’ve pre-jumped the shark on the new Terminator TV show! Here’s a review of the pilot episode of the Sarah Connors Chronicles, by that freak of nature Cedric Mengles over at Den of Geek

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