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A printed Blog…surely not!

For those that would like more information about how ‘Unleashed’ came about, I’ve talked briefly about creating this blog on pages 58 and 59 of this weeks Micro Mart magazine (issue 963), available at most good newsagents in the UK.
Welcome to anyone who’s come along here after reading it! You’ll find the blog a bit different from what I normally write in Micro Mart, but all in my typically reserved style. Enjoy!


I’m not a patient person

Yesterday I ordered a new Lens for my Nikon SLR on 24 hour delivery, but it hasn’t appeared yet!
My concern is that it won’t arrive till next week, which will entirely stuff my plans to take it to London this weekend and shoot the Red Bull Air Race. I’ll be annoyed if that happens.

Why do companies offer 24 hour delivery, charge you for it and then not send it? Grrr….


It’s apparently on it’s way to  me, due to be delivered today…by Royal Mail…that’s the good news.
The bad news is that Royal Mail are currently having a 24 hours strike!


Live Earth Day

We’re destroying the planet. So how do we react to that news? Have a rock concert!

Apparently the counter argument is that it’s to ‘raise awareness’…

At the rate that global change is overtaking us the change in sea level, catastrophic weather modifications and other impacts it won’t soon be long before we don’t need a host of rock celebrities to make us aware of our environment. Although I do also wonder if we missed the chance to avoid the worst of what we’ve done some considerable time ago.

Based on the track record of events with the word ‘Live’ in them, I can’t see this having much effect. But it might help the destitute record industry sell the odd album.


Hello world!


I’ve put off having a blog for some time…as I write every day anyway….

But then I get to put in here what I want to talk about!