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Merlin – the whole series reviewed

On Den of Geek I’ve been reviewing Merlin for my sins. Here is the complete list of my Merlin Reviews.

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Merlin BBC

Ssssh....Merlin is pants


AMD unleashes 800 digital demons

Today I received something special, a Gigabyte Readeon HD 4850! I’ve had this little monster on the test rig and it bitch slaps anything that Nvidia makes for less than £250. I’m putting together a feature for MIcro Mart on it, which will appear in a couple of weeks.


Mr. & Mrs. Smith Blu-ray Review

Brad, Angelina, guns and stuff blowing up! What more can you ask for? Read my review here.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Blu-ray


Knight Rider…is back!

Read my review of the new show at Den of Geek here

Knight Rider


Death of the Effects Movie

I’ve been writing for Den of Geek again!
Go here to read about Effects Movies and how they’re not up to scratch!
I am, not very good at Effects, Legend


DVD Rot killed the Dinosaur

DVD RotLast weekend I was working on a group test of DVD writers, for my sins. As part of this I decided to test how fast each of the six drives could read commercial DVD releases of single and dual layer types. So I went to my DVD collection and found two ‘pristine’ examples and set about testing them. To my utter horror I discovered that the dual layer test disc, the Disney CGI animated movie ‘Dinosaur’ wouldn’t read at all. A closer inspection reveals what looks like condensation, the dreaded DVD rot!
I’ve now set up an exclusion zone around that case, with a matt moistened with disinfectant – if this spreads it could be expensive!
But seriously, what slightly annoys me is that I bought this from in 2002, it was the ‘special edition’ so it wasn’t cheap, and it’s been played maybe twice. Play has a 30 day returns policy, so I’ll not get a replacement or my money back. But this disc was a faulty batch, where the aluminium layer as separated from the plastic above it allowing for oxidisation to occur. It was made wrong! But as it’s take five years for this process to reach this point, I’ve got no means of redress! And that’s pants.
I’m tempted to check all my discs now, but it might be better to just not know.


Be afraid! The Singing Ringing Tree…

A chance conversation unlocked childhood terror for me, which I put to some use in an article on Den of Geek here.

If you’re feeling especially brave here is some of the bladder weakening TV event for children from YouTube.