Empathy – BBC Drama

Stephen MoyerComing hot on the heals of Jekyll, the BBC has now released Empathy, which they describe as a ‘Supernatural Thriller’. I watched the first episode last night, and it wasn’t bad. It features the excellent, if a little typecast, Stephen Moyer as ex-convict, but actually-a-nice-person Jimmy Collins. Who at the start of this story is released from prison to an uncertain future. What he didn’t expect was to start experiencing visions when he touches people, or objects, which he does from the moment he walks out the gate.
This leads him to become a suspect in a murder investigation, when his brushes past a person connected indirectly to the death of a young women. Assuming his knowledge of the crime is first hand, the Police lock him up again, before a second murder proves he’s not responsible. Best acting performances go to Mr Moyer and the excellent Amber Beattie as his estranged daughter Amy. My only concern is that so far this appears to be a complete conceptual lift of the classic Stephen King novel, movie and TV show ‘The Dead Zone’.
This looks very like a pitch for an entire series, but I see only one 90 minute production so far. Perhaps if it comes back we’ll get him shaking the hand of Gordon Brown yet.
Overall, entertaining enough if not massively original so far.

3 Responses to “Empathy – BBC Drama”

  1. September 20, 2008 at 3:45 am

    I can’t believe no one has posted any comments! After watching HBO’s ‘True Blood’, I’ve become totally captivated by Stephen Moyer. I was searching for other examples of his work and came upon this review – it’s very good. For comparison, Imdb lists shows he is supposedly in but when you read a review of the dvd, his name isn’t listed. You describe the show, his role, his importance to the work and what you think. I just wanted to thank you for posting this. btw, excellent photo!

  2. September 30, 2008 at 3:04 am

    I totally agree with you. I totally have fallen love with him. ANd i’m married. True Blood rocks. I was surprised i’ve never heard of him before.

  3. 3 Carla
    June 7, 2009 at 9:52 pm

    I am just in love with Stephen Moyer, he is great actor and very charming. Would love to be able to meet him one day but it is just a dream of 1 million women…hahahahahaha.

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