By Mr. P

Here are a selection of the more interesting computers I’ve built.

Stella PC
This is a MiniITX rig made using VIA Eden chipset motherboard. It was a tough build, due to the tight fit, and the amount of Stella I’d drunk before starting.

Stella Computer
Ultimate Test Rig
This was made from a Japanese made giant construction system imported under the AeroCool branding. I’d still got this with some modifications as it makes testing motherboards very easy.
Transparent System

Transparent PC
This was an experiment in acrylic and neon. Some of the more bizzare things in here is a hard drive with a glass window, so you can see it working. I made that, it wasn’t a WD Raptor X. After it was finished it looked a little boring, but the second image shows it powered up and much more impressive.

Transparent System UV LanParty Transparent PC lit up

Big Red
A strange water cool contraption
built around the unique styling of the Asus Vento case.

Big Red Water Cooled
This is a not-so-recent ultra-gaming rig built around the Antec ‘900’ case. In there is a AMD FX-62 and an Asus8800GTX.
900 Gamer

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