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millenium micro mart

Not many productions of whatever type reach 1,000 in number. But this coming week, the magazine for which I primarily write reaches that special issue number. Obviously I’d like to take more credit, but I only appeared on the pages from roughly issue 400 onwards, and it’s only been the last six years that I’ve become a regular contributor.

So what’s special about Micro Mart, other than without this mag I’d be starving? Well, for me it’s a publication without pretensions, which is something I personally associate with, and because of that it makes its own furrow through the sometimes lumpy field of technology we’re confronted with these days. And, rather than having a single unified identity, it’s a blend of the writer’s views which can present entirely different perspectives on where computers might be leading us, and if we really want to go there. So many publications don’t allow their writers these indulgences and differences, and Micro Mart is better read for it. As a reviewer if you’ve not got the cohunes to slam an equipment maker who’s just let you have a nice piece of kit, or exalt another whose product turned up in pieces, then this is possibly not the publication for you. Myself, I love it.

But for the many people who have contributed to Micro Mart over the years, it’s a common bond that remains after they’ve gone to do other things, or retired.

In the 1,000 issues probably 100 or more people have written reviews and features. Some never to be seen again, others to establish a following and fan base over hundreds of pages and issues, bitten by the Micro Mart bug.

So I’d like to congratulate those that work on this noble rag, especially the current editor Simon Brew and his team, for making this such a uniquely British institution and reaching such an impressive milestone.

To the next thousand issues, and beyond!