By Mr. P
It had to happen…I turned it on. While the system is still partly in pieces it’s useful to check it actually works.
While it might work it’s not a pretty sight inside. It’s time to deploy the tiewraps, clips and wraps.
This plastic wrap is great stuff. It comes in range of diameters and you simply wind it around the wires to enclose them.
These are the audio front panel lines. I’m not using them because connecting them disables the rear audio. I looped and tied them to keep things all tidy.
To install an OS on this computer I needed to set the default boot device to CDROM. After Windows is on the PC I switched it back to hard drive so that it could run as intended.
I put XP on this PC, because I’m not convinced about Vista. To do this I used a tool called nLite, which allows you to make a custom version of XP with the SATA drivers included. If I hadn’t done that I’d have had to connect a floppy drive to get XP on, because without those files the XP install won’t succeed.
This picture was taken while I was soak testing the rig. I needed to know that it would work as advertised so I set it going doing some benchmarks and left it for 24 hours. After completing that test it was ready for it’s new owner.

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