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PS3 smoke and mirrors

Early in the week I commented on the price cut in the USA, that took the people that made the decision by surprise.
But BetaNews has added extra spice to these events by revealing the cut may be temporary here.

Apparently it’s all a trick to get all the 60GB PS3’s out of the market, before leaving the 80GB model at the original cost. Sony isn’t winning this console battle, and the peel off of game developers is gathering pace. If they don’t take this situation seriously between them Nintendo and Microsoft will soon have an irreversible lead, if they haven’t already. The idea that Blu-ray will come along, Cavalry like, and save the PS3’s bacon seems fanciful at best.

The best bit for me of Betanews’ piece is where Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president David Reeves argues, implausibly, that the current cost of the PS3 in Europe is worth it. Yes Dave, and by Christmas sales will have overtaken the WII!


Sony PS3 PR stupidity

Sometime I despair of Sony.

January 2007 – In an interview with Game Informer magazine, when asked if price drops for the PS3 would be “as soon or as drastic as they were for the PlayStation 2,” Sony US boss Jack Tretton answered with a clear, “No.” He then said that it wouldn’t drop for two years.

July 7th 2007 – Talking to Bloomber, president Ryoji Chubachi scotched rumours by stating that Sony had “no immediate plans” to introduce a price cut for the PS3.

July 12th 2007 – Sony announces $100 price cuts for 60GB PS3.

How dumb do Sony think people are? So five days ago it wasn’t a plan, and now it is???


When Sony wake up and smell the coffee on this then maybe this product might move, but treating their customer base like they’ve got the memory of a Goldfish isn’t a step in the right direction.