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Auntie Beeb gets her knickers in a twist

The BBC has admitted the following gaffs….

  • Comic Relief – Friday 16 March 2007 on BBC One
    A caller was heard on air answering a question to win prizes belonging to a famous couple when in fact the caller was a member of the production team.
  • TMi – 16 September 2006 on BBC Two and CBBC
    A member of the production team posed as a member of the audience who had won a competition which was open to the public.
  • Sport Relief – 15 July 2006 on BBC One
    Viewers were led to believe that a member of the public had won a competition open to the public when it was a member of the crew.
  • Children in Need – 18 November 2005 on BBC One Scotland
    A fictitious competition winner was announced during a segment called Raven: The Island following technical problems.
  • The Liz Kershaw Show – 2005/6 on BBC 6 Music
    During pre-recorded programmes presented as live, listeners were led to believe genuine competitions were held when in fact there were no contests or prizes and all callers were production staff or their friends.
  • White Label – World Service until April 2006
    On more than once occasion a fake winner was announced when no winning entries had been received.

Cripes! I grew up on the BBC, and frankly I’m appalled. What’s going on there?
Dissing the Queen (please!!!! you don’t upset her…please…), lying on Blue Peter, and now this shit!

Get a grip guys! You’re a license funded organisation which I contribute directly for, and your franchise isn’t guaranteed. I’ve worked for the BBC, and I don’t want to see it end, but someone needs to take some names and kick some ass.

Mark Thompson, over to you!


Dexter has Escaped!!!!

I’m not sure what to think about this. But some ‘crazy’ person inside Showtime has released a copy of the new Dexter season 2 opener episode, the whole thing, onto the internet. The official start point is months away, September, so this is either a very pre-emptive promotional strike or someone in that organisation is going to get a kicking.

Has anyone seen it yet? Is it any good?

I loved the first Season.

UPDATE: Some Dexter season 2 details here!!!



Sony PS3 PR stupidity

Sometime I despair of Sony.

January 2007 – In an interview with Game Informer magazine, when asked if price drops for the PS3 would be “as soon or as drastic as they were for the PlayStation 2,” Sony US boss Jack Tretton answered with a clear, “No.” He then said that it wouldn’t drop for two years.

July 7th 2007 – Talking to Bloomber, president Ryoji Chubachi scotched rumours by stating that Sony had “no immediate plans” to introduce a price cut for the PS3.

July 12th 2007 – Sony announces $100 price cuts for 60GB PS3.

How dumb do Sony think people are? So five days ago it wasn’t a plan, and now it is???


When Sony wake up and smell the coffee on this then maybe this product might move, but treating their customer base like they’ve got the memory of a Goldfish isn’t a step in the right direction.