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City of Heroes – I’ve retired!

TetraCobaltIt’s a sad day, but I just stopped my City of Heroes/Villains account. This is the second time I’ve take a break, and probably the last that I’ll play. Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast getting four ‘toons’ all the way to lvl 50. But a number of things had convinced me that my last character would be my final new one. I still think it’s a very interesting game, but in the end their wasn’t much new to do once you’d got to the top level, and it sucked up time I could better use on writing, or blogging…even.
My son plays Wow, but I’ve no interest in following him there. So until I get sent anther online game to play I’ll be abstaining, so to speak. I’d like to thank anyone who teamed with the heroes Cobalt Smash, Cobalt Evo and villains, NecraCobalt and shown here…TetraCobalt.
It was fun, but I must do some work! (you watch…I’ll get sent something really additive before the week is out).