By Mr. P

The first ten where popular, so here’s ten more…

1. I once colluded with others to convince a colleague that I was in Australia, and represented a major software company. And convinced that person to buy a three piece suit and go to Heathrow Airport to fly, by Concorde’ to Sidney. Although we relented and told him before he actually got on a plane, something I now massively regret (the relenting bit…).

2. I’ve represented myself in court.

3. The CIA has a folder on me, I’m been told.

4. Almost every person that sat next to me during my senior school and college era is now famous. That includes some five well known TV personalities, one rock star and one ex-MP.

5. In another practical joke, with the help of Gary Allen, I emptied half the contents of a box of Tropical Alpen out and replaced it with rabbit food. Which the ‘victim’ then consumed, and went on to complain about. (this was actually the same person as item#1)

6. I came home one day to discover a note under my door telling me that my next-door neighbour had murdered someone.

7. I lost my wedding ring on my honeymoon.

8. I’ve got no musical skills whatsoever, which I found out when I once taught myself to play the ukulele banjo.

9. Having forgot my passport I convinced American and Canadian customs to let me travel over the Rainbow bridge in Niagara Falls to Canada, and back to the US by telling them I was an American national, that hailed from the Bronx.

10. I’ve been held in a military prison, briefly.


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