The Election – bored before it’s even announced!

Is it me, or is the whole political conference season more tedious than Solitaire on easy? So why do the news channels give it so much coverage? Is it that the politicians are like interviewable rats trapped in a barrel, eager to be re-elected for more implausible but private expenses? Maybe so, but while it might get some political pundits hot under the collar, it does nothing for me or most people I know.
As neither of the two main political parties in this country are actually dividable with Occam’s razor, they resorted to outing Gordon I’m-smug-because-I’m-not-Tony Brown’s plans to be re-elected as PM to make some actual news. And then David Not-a-toff-honestly-guv Cameron, goads him like a turkey demanding they move Christmas to November. Myself, and this might seem ungrateful to those unfortunate people who don’t live in democracy, but I’ll be voting when they put on the ballet paper ‘none of the above’, because given the last thirty years of the political process we have I’ve yet to see a politician who accepts he was wrong, does what they actually put on the manifesto, or can’t make some legislation without working out beforehand how it won’t apply to him.
But despite all this talk of the election which Mr. Brown will either announce soon, or not. I haven’t seen anyone answering the classic, ‘where is the money’ coming from question about political funding? As neither the Conservative or Labour have yet paid back the loans they got to fight the previous election, how are they going to fight this one? Given that flogging peerages is now not a acceptable plan, and loans have to be revealed, like gifts.
I can already feel that some emergency legislation might be drafted to give them all a wad of our cash with which to tell us what an amazing job they’ve done, or are going to do.
Politicians… don’t given them your vote, it only encourages them.


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