Blue Peter in cat naming scandal

Nt SocksThis is a great story, and one I had to comment on. The Media Guardian is running a story here that could signal heads to roll at the BBC children’s stalwart Blue Peter. Having been caught telling lies to their viewers about the winners of competitions, and fined £50,000, it looks like they’ve been up to their tricks yet again!
This time it was the time honoured Blue Peter tradition of pet naming, where the most popular one submitted by the viewers is chosen. In January of 2006 Blue Peter got a cat, which was duly named ‘Socks’. But it’s now being reported that that wasn’t the name that won! What the Media Guardian hasn’t got is the name that was rejected, for being ‘unsuitable’, but according to them it wasn’t ‘Socks’.
Oh dear. If true it seems that Blue Peter has an issue with lying, specifically to it’s main audience children. I’m now concerned that my entire childhood is based on falsehoods, where smiling presenters told my lots that wasn’t actually true. Tell me it’s not true Blue Peter? Or at least tell me what the cat should of been called, so I can have a good laugh!

Update: The BBC has fessed up to this any more stupid lying about competitions on radio! Apparently the real name of the cat should have been Cookie, as in the Sesame Street monster. Apparently the grown-ups who run Blue Peter decided they didn’t like that or any of the other children’s ideas, and so made ‘Socks’ up themselves. That’s not having much consideration for your viewers, in my book. More pathetic apologies will be issued on the show when they get a new kitten, which we’ve been reliably old will be called ‘Cookie’, as in the common name in American for a biscuit. Funny isn’t it? We tell children not to tell lies because ‘they’ll catch up with you’ and then when we become adults we tell porkies about stupid stuff! I think all involved should have to return their Blue Peter badges, and then be kicked where it hurts by Valerie Singleton.


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