RIAA joins the real world, briefly

A few people are carrying this story, but I couldn’t resist commenting. The Recording Industry vs The People reports that their latest attempts to scare young children and browbeat the elderly has run aground, big time. For a few years the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) has been running this scam where it sends people a letter saying they’ve infringed a copyright of some Rap Artist, and if they don’t want to go to jail they better stump up a wad of cash. Many do, even those that complain they don’t have Internet access or are deaf through old age. Well, it’s taken a while but it looks like the Judiciary has finally cottoned on to the RIAA and their alternative thinking on the whole crime and punishment deal. Judge Rudi Brewster put the brakes on the Interscope v. Rodriguez case by asking them to actually back up their claims with evidence, which wasn’t what the RIAA thought it needed. That’s a shock for them, having to prove the assertions they’ve made. Doing so could make bringing all the cases they want uneconomic, and the thousands of similar actions they’ve planned are now effectively on hold. That also assumes that there is evidence, and it’s not some horrible mistake, which when the RIAA has been tested in court previously seems often the case.
I wish the people in the Recording Industry would wake up, realise the negative PR the RIAA is generating for them and shut them down. But then if they go on like this they’ll dig themselves a legal hole they’ve never get out of anyway!


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