HD War not going well for either side

A while back I commented that neither side was winning the HD format war, because as yet they’ve not sold anything like the number of players or discs that would worry anyone with a DVD duplication business. I also recall a few people, on another blog remonstrated with me for this view. But now Sony’s let the cat out of the HD bag, so to speak.
This image, from coverage of CEDIA 2007  on AnandTech entirely gives the game away.

HD in decline

Yes Blu-ray fans, your format is marginally ahead. But what’s really scary about these numbers is that the trend of the graph, left to right, is down. Since their launch both formats have declined, with Blu-ray suffering the bigger drop of the two. Surely after initial blips the trend of this graph should be up, not down?
What concerns me most about this slide is that to demonstrate their superiority Sony didn’t mind showing they’re both drowning from a sales perspective. Is that the new criteria of business success, not growth, but who goes out of business last?


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