Hurricane Dean Update

Well, it didn’t take long over those warm Caribbean waters for Hurricane Dean to turn from a destructive category 2-3 into a solid 4. The last barometric reading was at 6 Zulu time was 930 Mb and falling, wind speeds are now at 150mph with 180mph gusts. Storm force winds extend some 200 miles or so from the storm centre which is currently located 250 miles south of San Juan, Puerto Rico. It’s travelling westerly at 18 miles per hour, which unless it deviates from it’s current course will track it directly over Jamaica in less that 36 hours.
I just hope the Jamaican authorities are on their toes, because this could be a very dangerous and destructive storm. If it ain’t nailed down soon, by Monday evening it will be gone. Those of you thinking that Hurricane’s pick the poorest countries to ravage, think again, because next on Dean’s tour is Isla de Cozumel. This is a gorgeous and exclusive island off the coast of the Yucatan peninsular, which Jacques Cousteau did many of his early films. It’s also only 25 miles away from the popular resort of Cancun. This area’s seen some big hurricanes in the past, including Wilma and Gilbert.


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