SCO train hits the buffers

The Linux world woke up to some excellent news today, the sort that makes people actually believe in the American legal system. If you’ve not a techie or being living under a rock then it might seem incredible but SCO (formally the Santa Cruz Operation) has been holding a revolver to the head of the entire Linux world for the past four years, ever since it sued IBM claiming that millions of lines of code in Linux where owned by it.
The claim was utter bunk, but we’re seen SCO attempt to railroad this claim without virtually any evidence that it was true. But despite running a very tight legal ship it’s not IBM that’s really put the mockers on this whole sordid exercise. As part of it’s case SCO claimed it owned UNIX, after a previous deal with Novell. Except Novell said it owned UNIX and not SCO. It’s this other side to the case that’s finally delivered the coup de grass on SCO, as Utah Federal District Court Judge Dale A. Kimball has ruled that Novell owns UNIX, not SCO. That’s a big problem for SCO, because not only does their case against IBM collapse, because they’re suing for using something they don’t own, but they’ve also taken money from the likes of Microsoft and Sun Microsystems for license which is legally now Novell’s. Giving that money up is a difficulty, because the amount they got is greater than the net worth of SCO.
I’m sure when SCO CEO, Darl McBride and friends thought this scheme up it looked great. We hold Linux to ransom, get IBM to pay use off, take our ill-gotten gains and head to the sun! But when the stock market opens on Monday, and the reality of where SCO is really heading dawns of those holding stock, it could really be the end. Personally, I hope so.

If you want to read more I’d head over to the excellent Groklaw , who’ve been providing a blow-by-blow coverage of this case.

SCOX (NASDAQ code for SCO shares) closed at $1.50 on Friday, opened at $0.45 on Monday and on Wednesday is trading at $0.37…
I hear the sound of water going down the plug-hole.


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