Pipex…all over the show..

Previously I’ve mentioned issues is my Pipex ADSL, which I thought I’d tracked down as faulty wiring.
Well…further investigation revealed that it wasn’t faulty wiring (after I’d rebuilt the entire telephone cabling of the house…and put in a dedicated ADSL link to the Master Socket!). So I went back to Pipex…who gave me their ‘it’s BT…but unless you can prove their is a problem we can’t do anything about it’ routine. In the end I lost it a little with the Pipex representative and told him I didn’t care who took responsibility for my problem, Pipex or BT, but someone was going to or the service stopped then and there!
After another 5 minutes of listening to piped music they agreed to look into it…
That was five days ago, and I’ve heard nothing. But, the line situation does appeared to have improved, somewhat. Now when it disconnects it comes back within 10 minutes, not the 1-5 hours it’s previously done.  But the speed rating is all over the show, currently I’m getting 4544 bps. But so far this week I’ve seen it as low as 2200 and as high as 6.7 Mbps! And that speed was reliable, so I’m confident the line is fine. I’ve since been told by an associate that BT are currently rolling out new equipment to exchanges, which occasionally doesn’t play well with other hardware, which from my perspective sounds about right.
While I’m happy that I’m staying connected more, it’s still not what it once was, and definitely not up to playing an online game on. I’m curious to hear what Pipex have to say when they eventually do come back to me, if they ever do. Failure to do this might be justification for me dropping this contract and sticking my hand in the fire of VirginMedia, and their very tempting 20mbit links.


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