Satellite Pro or is that Slow?

It’s one of the few decent days weather we’ve had this summer, so I’m sat out in the back garden. So I can work I’ve brought out with me a Celeron M powered Toshiba Satellite Pro. I’ve used systems like this one before and they can be quite snappy, but this one is like sludge working to rule! The reason being that the people who set it up put 512MB’s of RAM in it, which would have been fine for Windows XP, except they put Vista Business Basic on it. Doh! As the video sub-system takes some memory, you’re actually quite heavily in deficit before your opened any applications. I’ve turned off all the visual junk, installed Firefox, and now I can use WordPress without huge drive swapping delays. I may have to go and spend on some extra RAM for this if it’s to do much more than slow me down.


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