Teflon Tony does it again!

Tax LevyIt was entirely predictable outcome to the Cash-for-honours enquiry. The Police wanted to prosecute, but the Crown Prosecution Service didn’t. Perhaps we should rename them The Crown None-Prosecution service? What is really annoying is the number of MP, Ministers and Lords appearing on TV brandishing words like ‘exonerated’, and suggesting the Police damaged the political system by doing their jobs!
They’ve quickly forgotten that a significant number of peerages magically transpired after donations to political parties (LAB and CON), for which no explanation has been presented than ‘coincidence’. That the Labour created legislation making the giving of money ‘transparent’ and then all parties circumvented them by using loans instead. The fact it was the same people getting around the rules as made them leaves an unpleasant taste in my mouth. But that’s now been conveniently forgotten.

I makes me wonder if Mr Blair planned this mess all along, for others to use as ammunition for the public funding of political parties. So they’re not ‘tainted’ by dealing with fund raising and honours.

Lord Levy’s picture says it all, really. We broke the rules, closed ranks, lied and got away with it, again!
Politics in the UK wasn’t damaged by the investigation, it was damaged by the political system that isn’t accountable, doesn’t know where the line is, and want to be cosy with the rich and famous for all the fringe benefits.
I just hope ‘Inspector incensed of the Yard’, leaks all they did find out and puts a few people in the sticky stuff, where they deserve to be!


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