Bluetooth…when technology goes bad

I thought I’d share a Victor Meldrew moment I had the other day while shopping for groceries, in a local supermarket. I was alone in isle some distance from a twentysomething women when she began to talk to herself. I realised she wasn’t talking to me, because she was looking away and a good distance up the isle. Suddenly she turned and marched towards me proclaiming loudly,”I’ve got them!” Before reaching past me and making off with a packet of dried pasta. It was at this point I realised that she was holding a mobile telephone conversation using a Bluetooth earpiece!
At we shopped at a similar speed I encountered her at least half a dozen times, over a 45 minute period in which she continued to discuss her shopping requirements with her remote ‘controller’.

What is wrong with people? It’s shopping, not a military exercise or black-ops incursion! It’s ‘shopping’…where you buy what you want, pay and then run away! Why would anyone want to shop with a virtual person alongside them saying ‘no, not those beans’ and ‘Don’t get those, they’re no on offer’?

It’s the sort of thing that makes me think the worst when some new technology comes along, and that’s the best possible use we can come up with for all the blood, sweat and Red Bull consumed to create it. When we eventually crack fission will it be so people can have personal pastry warmers? Pleeeeeese!

At the time I wished that I had some small and simple device, which I know you can purchase, that would of ended her conversation abruptly. And then I could see her rise to the human challenge that choosing her own paste sauce! But then when my mood takes me, I can be quite a dark person sometimes.


Bluetooth earpieces. So subtle they’re almost invisible.


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